Storage and Repelenishment Prices (2020)

Storage and Replenishment

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Storage and Repelenishment Prices
Service Pricing Model Cost
Receiving LTL or FTL Flat rate $25 for the first two hours ($35/man hour after the first two hours). Minimum is $25 to receive.

Contact us first. We need to prepare a space for you!
Receiving cartons or cases Included in the cost of storage No fee if you are paying for monthly storage.
Storage Monthly charge $50 per pallet/month
$10 per shelf/month
$5 per bin/month

Need to figure out if you have pallets or shelves or bins? Use this simple conversion site:Pallet Calculator
Standard packing for items already packed in cartons, cases, or pallets Included in the cost of storage Email us your shipping label. We'll pull your product, label it, and arrange for the carrier to pick it up.
Labeling Flat rate Email us your labels. We print and label individual units at .10/per label.
What is the receiving fee for?
We only charge a receiving fee for LTL or FTL. When we receive a large delivery, we need to pull our staff off other duties so that they can focus on your products. We want to make sure that we take care of your delivery, pack it away safely, and update you that it has arrived.
Does the receiving fee include a palletizing fee?
The monthly per pallet fee does not include receiving for LTL or FTL. Most of the time freight items are sent by pallet (they are already palletized). If you are receiving FTL, we can palletize - that would not be an additional fee because it is included in the receiving fee. In addition, most often all of the freight arrives at the same time - it generally ships together and arrives together. Receiving depends on how many items are received. Imagine it like this, if your freight has 1-5 pallets, we can usually receive it within an hour. The first 2 hours are $25/hour for receiving. If we are receiving cartons that show up occassionally, there is no receiving fee (it is included in the storage).
How does forwarding work?
When you are ready for us to ship a case, pallet or FTL to Amazon's warehouse, you'll email us the shipping label. We will place it onto the box and send it in. If you are shipping or forwarding LTL, we can help you arrange the pickup. There's no fee for that service.
Do you forward in cartons SPD or pallets LTL? Is there a price difference between the 2?
We can forward in cartons, spd, or pallets LTL. That's up to you. There's no charge for forwarding. So there is no difference in pricing between the two.
What is the labeling fee for? Shipping label? Individual items?
There is no fee for the shipping label. If you need labels placed onto your individual items for Amazon SKUs, you'll email those to us. We will print them and put them on your products. That's .10 a label.
Is the price for outbound the same no matter how many items I send in a month?
We can forward in cartons, spd, or pallets LTL. That's up to you. There's no charge for forwarding. So there is no difference in pricing.
Do you ship to Canada or other FBA warehouses?
As a 3PL, we can ship to any Amazon warehouse you want. When you are ready to ship to an Amazon warehouse, you will create the shipping label through Seller Central. Then you will email the label to us, we will print the shipping label, attach the label to the carton, and then make sure it is picked up. This allows you to have complete control over the process. We do not charge for this process.
Where are you located?
Our warehouse is located at:
4322 Charter Oak Dr
Temple, Tx 76502