How to Celebrate Halloween with a Baby or Toddler

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How to Celebrate Halloween with a Baby or Toddler


I have 2 grandchildren. One is a baby; he’s 4 months old. The other is a toddler; he’s 3 years old. I’m also an avid holiday celebrator. My family has always celebrated holidays in glorious fashion, with food, fun, and festivities. But… after my children grew up, our Halloween celebrations died down. Now we have young people, and everyone is eager to get started again.


But, we ask ourselves, how do we celebrate Halloween with a baby or toddler? We already know the basics, fun costumes and trick or treating. But, sometimes it rains, and for some families, trick or treating isn’t an option due to safety concerns, geographic locations, or simple time constraints. We need to think outside the box and give our little pumpkins a fun, memorable Halloween experience.


The thing about Halloween and babies or toddlers is that it can be a scary, spooky time. So Halloween celebrations with little monsters should focus on fun, exciting, delicious experiences. Of course, delicious Halloween food and silly costumes will help set the mood. But we can do a lot more to broaden the experience and make Halloween a season of fun, rather than a simple day of trick or treating.


Halloween for babies and toddlers can include books, sippy cups, and bath toys! You see it everywhere - read, read, read. What better way to celebrate the holiday than to ready a Halloween book to your little person? Toddlers will ask you to read it over and over again; babies will love the tone of your voice as you read aloud. Toddlers love having their own cups to drink from, and Mommies love sippy cups that don’t spill! A fun Halloween sippy cup will last for lots of days, well beyond the Halloween season. What child doesn’t love bath time? What Mommy doesn’t love bath time? Did you know that you can get Halloween rubber duckies to make bath time Halloween fun time? They come in fun shapes and can be used to suck water from the tub and spray out a stream for squirting fun.


Other Halloween toys are fun too. It’s possible to get Halloween fun dough, crayons, coloring books, other toys (like race cars, bubbles, and bouncy balls), and stuffed animals. All of these will be great fun for your toddler; though babies might  not get the same amount of pleasure from them. And Wow! Think about the delicious foods your little toddler or baby can enjoy. Did you know they make Halloween Oreos, Halloween miniature pretzels, and Halloween cheese puff balls? Some babies (depending on age) and most toddlers will love, love, love these Halloween treats. Other items that can make Halloween fun for babies and toddlers are stuffed animals. They don’t have to be big, but they should be friendly. Toddlers and babies will adore these fun Halloween friends. 

    Finally, it’ll be a real trick to think about night time fun. Traditionally, Halloween has always been an evening experience - lasting through the darkness of night time. For babies and toddlers, glow toys and Halloween flashlights will make trick-or-treating a fun experience. Of course, your little monsters will need buckets too. My toddler grandson loves to wear the bucket on his head and pretend it’s a fireman’s hat. His imagination is amazing!


    For grandparents, aunts, uncles, Mommies and Daddies, and anyone else who wants to make Halloween a fun time for babies and toddlers, Golden Gift Box has made this simple for you. We have two options of Halloween Buckets that are designed for babies and toddlers. You can easily send these to your little monster (for those who aren’t local), or you can deliver them yourself (if your little pumpkin lives nearby). The convenience is awesome, as these buckets (that can easily be held by little hands) contain lots of Halloween toys and treats for little people. You don’t have to work hard to make Halloween meaningful for your child; just look to Golden Gift Box to help you out.

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