Hot Wheels Easter Basket (Large) - Hot Wheels Cars Themed Filled Easter Basket - Hours Of Fun for Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Activities!

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  • Race to Creativity: Jumpstart imaginative play with a cars-themed Easter basket, loaded with vehicles and activities that fuel storytelling and inventive fun. Everything in this Easter basket is Hot Wheels (TM) compatible.
  • Hassle-Free Holiday Thrills: Dodge the Easter prep with our premade baskets, expertly assembled to deliver an exhilarating unboxing experience right out of the gate.
  • Discover the Fast Lane: Explore a selection of Easter surprises, from sleek car toys to racing activities, perfect for kids already geared up for action.
  • Easter in the Fast Lane: Celebrate the season of renewal with a twist of adventure, fostering play, innovation, and the spirit of the Easter race.
  • Gift of Adventure: Ideal for children aged 2-10, this basket not only enhances the Easter egg hunt but also provides endless entertainment with its lineup of dynamic contents.