7" Christmas Miniature Stockings Filled With Favorite Candies Christmas Gift Set - 2 in each set (Several Varieties)

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  • These Miniature Stockings Are Approximately 7" Tall X 3" Wide Without Candy. Our Elves Have Filled These Miniature Stockings Over The Brim. You Will Receive 2 Miniature Filled Stockings For Kids And Adults From 1-101. One Filled Christmas Stocking Is Overflowing With Various Chocolates. The Other Miniature Pre Filled Stockings Is Stuffed With Tons Of Non Chocolate Candies.
  • These Stuffed Mini Stockings Are Perfect For Gift Giving. Kids And Adults Of All Ages Love The Candy, And The Bundle Of Goodness Is Packaged In 2 Cute Miniature Stockings! They Are Perfect For Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas: These Fun Miniature Christmas Stockings With Candy Are Filled With Various Candies. They Are Miniature Pre Stuffed Christmas Stockings.


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Golden Gift Box's Miniature Stockings Range In Size From 7" - 8" High. They Are All Stuffed And Filled Over The Top With Candy!

Miniature Stockings

 Perfect Secret Santa Gifts

Perfect Secret Santa Gifts

Our Candy Stuffed Miniature Stockings are sure to please any recipient! A Christmas surprise for the recipient and a delicious surprise for a belly!

 Great Gift For Kids

Great Gifts For Kids

Kids love candy, and they especially love our Candy Stuffed Miniature Stockings. Our Candy Stuffed Miniature Stockings fit perfectly in their hands.

 Good Gift For Friends - He'll Like Them Better Than Candles

Good Gift For Friends - He'll Like Them Better Than Candles

What do you get a guy? Something for his belly - that's what! Our Candy Stuffed Miniature Stockings will hit the spot!

 made for hanging on the tree

Made For Hanging On The Tree

Our Candy Stuffed Miniature Stockings are designed to hang on the Christmas tree. They also work great as advent calendar surprises.